Tools For Crochet Pattern Designing And Writing

Last updated on July 11th, 2024

Hey there, my awesome friends! Are you ready to turn your ideas into stunning, tangible patterns to sell? Crochet design is more than just creating; it’s about inventing, sharing, and even selling your unique patterns to create an income doing what you love.

Are you wondering where to begin? What tools might you need? Whether it’s a cozy simple scarf or a detailed, colorful tapestry, having the right tools at your fingertips is key to bringing those warm, wooly ideas to life.

Moving from casual crocheting to crafting professional patterns isn’t just about adding to your yarn collection. It calls for a toolkit that backs up both your creative flair and your knack for business.

In this post, I’m going to walk you through a list of must-have tools every crochet designer needs. These tools are essential not only for crafting and fine-tuning your designs but also for managing and expanding your crochet business.

From the ideal crochet hook to advanced design software, every tool has a crucial role in transforming your concept into a polished pattern, ready to hit the market. And because getting started is often the toughest step, I’ve included a handy downloadable worksheet to keep track of these tools efficiently. So, let’s get our creative juices flowing and jump into the world of crochet design with gusto and enthusiasm!

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Remember to keep this guide bookmarked as your go-to resource for crochet design tools and tips. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, these essentials will help elevate your designs and streamline your workflow, ensuring you’re on the path to becoming a crochet design superstar. Ready, set, design!

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As you embark on your crochet adventures in 2024, remember that every stitch counts, and is a step forward in your crochet journey.

To begin setting goals, you have to think about what you want to learn and how you want to grow. Do you want to finish some WIPS? Do you want to donate a certain number of hats? Do you want to take part in a craft fair? Do not worry about the goals being too big or too small, as long as the goals feel aligned with you and keep you excited, note them down.

CROCHET PROJECT PLANNER 2024 shows pages of the planner

My personal crochet goals for this year

1. Learn new stitches and techniques.

Crochet is a hobby that is constantly evolving. There are so many different things to learn. I want to challenge myself to learn broomstick crochet and brioche crochet. It has been on my to do list for a long time, and this is the year I want to make sure I learn! I also want to focus more on Tunisian crochet and make more projects with new stitches. My plan is to learn one new thing crochet related every month this year. This will not only expand your skill set but also add variety to your product line for your business.

Action plan:

1. Plan

Decide what you want to learn and decide which month, add it to your planner. Even if you learn one new crochet stitch a month, at the end of the year, you will know 12 more stitches.

2. Learn

Use youtube, crochet blogs, books and local workshops to help you learn these new skills. YouTube is an excellent resource for visual learners, offering detailed tutorials on almost every crochet technique imaginable. Please check my channel: Lets All Crochet where I share tutorials for crochet projects step by step so anyone can follow along.

3. Use

One you learn your new skill, make a swatch, or make a small project using your new skill or stitch. These projects will not only reinforce your learning but also result in beautiful, handmade items that you can use or gift.

4. Motivation

Share your monthly projects on social media or within your crochet group to keep yourself accountable and motivated.


2. Complete unfinished projects.

We all have the famous WIP pile – those projects that we started with enthusiasm but never finished. I want to make it a goal to complete some of my works-in-progress, BUT not all. Only the ones that will still give me joy. I will frog the rest, or save them for the next year :p. This will declutter your space, free up supplies, and give you a tremendous sense of accomplishment. My plan is to schedule time each week to focus on these works-in-progress.

Action plan

1. Inventory and organisation

Start by taking stock of all your unfinished projects. Organize them based on how much work is left, the urgency (for instance, if it’s a gift), and your level of interest in completing them.

2. Set a deadline

Add the project to your planner with a date and time to finish. Assign realistic deadlines for each project. You might decide to finish a small project in a week, while a larger one could take a month or more.

3. Celebrate

Each time you finish a project, celebrate your achievement. Share the final product with friends, family, or your online crochet community. This not only gives you a sense of completion but also encourages you to keep going.


3. Connect with more crocheters.

Crocheting can often feel as a solitary hobby, but it shouldn’t. Joining a crochet group locally or online, helps us connect with fellow crocheters and can be lots of fun and can give us a sense of community. I want to make more friends, and join a few groups that inspire me.

Ps. Feel free to DM me on instagram and say hello, I would love to be your friend!

Action plan

1. Find the right group for you

This is a very important step. If the group is not right for you, it will suck the fun out of crochet. Look for local crochet clubs or online communities that align with your interests. Websites like Ravelry or Facebook groups offer a plethora of options for connecting with other crocheters.

2. Participate

Make new friends, share your WIPS, finished projects and join in the discussions and meet ups if possible.

3. Learn

Ask questions and share your knowledge and skills. Teaching others what you know can also be a great way to reinforce your own skills. Use these groups to exchange ideas, get feedback on your work, and learn from the experiences of others.

4. Participate in a CAL.

Participate in crochet-alongs (CALs) along with your friends.


4. Start a crochet journal.

Keeping a crochet journal is a wonderful way to document your crochet journey. It’s a place to track your projects, patterns, and progress over time.

Action plan

1. Download

Download the crochet project planner.

2. Use it

For each project, record details like the pattern source, yarn used, hook size, modifications made, and the date completed. You can also include swatches or photos of the project.

3. Reflect

Regularly review your journal and planner. It’s not just a record of what you’ve done; it’s a tool for planning future projects and tracking your growth as a crocheter.


5. Crochet for charity.

Most charities welcome handmade items.  I plan to donate yarn I don’t use as well as some finished projects. It provides meaning to crocheting and can be incredibly rewarding.

Action plan

1. Research charities

Look for charities that accept crochet items and understand their specific needs. Some may have guidelines on the types of yarn or patterns to use

2. Add a goal to your crochet project planner

Decide on a specific project or number of items you want to donate. This could be a monthly or quarterly goal, depending on your time availability and the size and complexity of the projects.

3. Involve more people if possible

If you’re part of a crochet group, propose a charity project that you can all contribute to. This not only increases the impact of your donation but also fosters a sense of community and purpose among group members. Understand that not everyone may  be able to join in.


6. Personal project goal each month.

To keep my love for crochet alive and separate from the business aspect, I aim to complete one personal crochet project each month. This could be anything from a small amigurumi to a garment. It’s important to remind myself why I fell in love with crochet in the first place and to make time for fun.

Action plan

  1. Make a list of things you want to crochet for yourself.
  2. Add them to your planner.

7. Expand my crochet horizon

Explore new yarns, attend crochet events or fairs.

8. Organise

  1. Create a crochet bucket list with all the patterns I want to create.
  2. Create a bucket list of all the patterns I want to crochet.
  3. Take yarn inventory and organise all my yarn. Use the crochet project planner to take notes.
picture of a crochet blanket folded with the text overlay get your free crochet project planner and set your crochet goals for 2024

Some goal ideas

Take some time to write your own crochet goals. Go to a quiet space and think. Meditate and let the goals come to you. Your Goals must mean something to you and you must know why you want to achieve them.

Here are some ideas for your goals.

  1. Create your first wearable.
  2. Crochet your first blanket.
  3. Decide what you want to learn. Make a bucket list.
  4. Sell your finished project
  5. Improve crochet tension.
  6. Crochet daily.

Crochet designer business goals.

1.Design new patterns every month.

Crochet and design 2 new crochet pattern every month at the minimum. It is a stretch goal, but I want to create and share more this year.

2. Improve my online presence.

I plan to upload more blogs (keep an eye out for some fun patterns and tips). I also plan to upload some short form content. I want to be more regular in uploading my videos and reply to all the comments.

I want to share behind-the-scenes content, progress shots, and the inspiration behind my work will help connect with my audience on a deeper level.

3. Offer a crochet course.

I have been asked repeatedly for crochet classes for beginners, and I have decided to create them. I have a great love for teaching and nothing gives me more joy than to teach someone to crochet. This is much more than just a milestone for my business; it’s a heartfelt invitation to you – to step into the world of crochet. I remember my early days with crochet – the initial struggles, the excitement of choosing yarns, and the satisfaction of completing a project. That’s why I’ve tailored this course specifically for beginners. My aim is to gently guide you through the basics of crochet, helping you navigate the choices of materials, learn the foundational stitches, and ultimately, to create something you’re proud of. This is my way of sharing the warmth and happiness that crochet has brought into my life and giving back to the community.

So I will let you know more about this in the future. Join my newsletter to stay updated!

4. Newsletter

I plan to send regular newsletter full of crochet tips and fun!

5. Learning

I want to learn more about business and marketing, to help me grow my crochet business.

6. Renew some old patterns.

Over time I have changed my pattern writing format and gotten much better at pattern writing. I plan to update my old crochet patterns over time.

7. Enjoy the process.

I want to remember that crochet is a journey. Whether it’s my business or hobby, I plan to take time to enjoy the process and celebrate my accomplishments.

I do not have any subscriber count goals, because I don’t want to take the fun out of crochet or make it impersonal. Each comment feels like a warm hug to me.

Set Your Business Goals

You can use my goals to help you set your own. I also want to help you if you are just starting, given below are some goals you can make for your crochet business if you are just starting out.

1. Design your first pattern.

You don’t need to be experience to create a pattern, you don’t need a degree. Anyone can design and sell their crochet patterns. This can be a fun creative challenge and, for business owners, and create an additional income.

Action plan

Read my blog on how to design crochet patterns and write them here and get your free workbook that will help you design your first pattern.

2. Open an online shop to sell patterns.

Action plan

Etsy and Ravelry are the most popular sites to sell crochet patterns. Just sign up for them and start selling your patterns!

3. Start being present on social media.

Action plan

Pick the social platform of your choice. Be sure to pick one, because starting out with more than one will overwhelm you and making growing slower. Focus your attention on one till you master it.

4. Document your journey. Start a blog

Whether through a blog, social media, or a YouTube channel, sharing your crochet journey can be fulfilling. For hobbyists, it’s a way to document and share your passion. For business owners, it’s a powerful marketing tool. Documenting your progress, challenges, and achievements can be incredibly fulfilling. It also allows you to connect with a wider crochet community, receive feedback, and even inspire others.

Action plan

Start documenting your journey and sharing it on social media of your choice.

5. Learn, learn, learn.

Action plan

Read my blog on how to design crochet patterns and write them here.

LASTLY, Stay flexible and enjoy!

It’s important to remain flexible with your goals. Life can get busy, and there may be times when you need to adjust your expectations. Remember, the key to achieving these goals is being consistent and planning and giving yourself grace. The key is to enjoy the process, celebrate small wins, and keep the joy of crocheting alive at all costs! Be excited and passionate! Happy crocheting in 2024!

picture of yarn in a box with text overlay set your crochet goals for 2024

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Hi, I’m Aki! I love designing patterns and love teaching. I use lots of stitches and colors and try to simplify everything because all patterns become easy once simplified. I mostly create womens garments in all sizes. I hope you enjoy!