Tester CALLS for Lets All Crochet

What is pattern testing?

Before a new crochet pattern becomes publicly available, it goes through a few different processes to be sure it’s as accurate and clear as possible.

Pattern testing is done by crocheters (like you) who agree to crochet a new pattern before its release, following the pattern exactly as it’s written and provide feedback to the designer about their experience and results.

Testing calls are emailed whenever I have a new pattern for testing.

When the call arrives in your inbox, if the pattern is something you’re interested in making and you believe you can complete it by the deadline, apply for testing via the form link given in the email.

Within a few days you’ll hear from me about if you’ve been selected to join the testing group for that project. 

Who can sign up as a pattern tester?

Everyone is welcome to sign up as a pattern tester, provided that you:

  • Understand the English language well enough to follow the pattern and to provide feedback.
  • be communicative in the testing group.
  • have the skill level appropriate for the pattern.
  • realistically think you’ll be able to complete the project within the testing period.

You do not need prior testing experience. Everyone is welcome.

What makes a good pattern tester?

Here is a short list!

  • Communication: Share your thoughts about what you’re experiencing. If you like it, let me know. If you don’t like it: let me know. The more you share about what you think, the better choices I can make as a designer to make this pattern (and future patterns) into an enjoyable experience.
  • Meeting deadlines: I do not like to constantly ask for updates, I would love someone who is sincere and meets deadlines on their own!
  • Read everything I have to say: I try to make this as easy as possible for everyone involved. By reading, we can avoid any unnecessary complications!
  • Follow the pattern exactly as it is: I’m requesting that you test the pattern as-is. I want to know how it turns out as I’ve written it. If changes are made, then the pattern isn’t really tested.
  • Share your project: A pattern picture is what says it all. Clear pictures of the work in progress and finished project are appreciated. I love seeing what you are creating-so do other crafters.

Hi, I’m Aki! I love designing patterns and love teaching. I use lots of stitches and colors and try to simplify everything because all patterns become easy once simplified. I mostly create womens garments in all sizes. I hope you enjoy!