10 Steps to Creating Your Profitable Crochet Designer Business


Download the Bulletproof Guide that Shows You Exactly How to Create your Dream Business, Make Pattern Sales Daily, and Wake Up Excited to do what you love eveyrday!
A Strategic Roadmap for Ambitious Crocheters who want to Launch and Scale their Business with Designing and Selling Crochet Patterns

Hello! I’m Aki!

Hi, I’m Aki and believe me, I’ve been there.

I’ve felt the struggle of building a crochet business from scratch with no experience in designing or selling. I have worked long days with no income or success to show from it.. I’m here to tell you this: it doesn’t have to be that way. 
Today, I have a YouTube channel with over 30k subscribers, almost 4.5k sales on Etsy and best of all.. A BUSINESS THAT WORKS FOR ME.
I get to wake up everyday and do what I love! And when I take a break.. my patterns still continue to sell because of the way I have set business up!
Because I believe YOU have beautiful ideas and patterns to share and a story that deserves to be told. I’m passionate about teaching and absolutely love seeing people – just like you – create freedom for themselves while doing what they love. 
That’s why I’m sharing – totally free -the bulletproof business plan that has helped me get to where I am today. 
It shows you the exact 10 steps you need to take (without trading time for money) and become a crochet designer who is known globally (without burning out.)
If you’re ready to build your dream business that will create a big impact, generate daily income, and allow you to wake everyday to a job you love, then this is for you. 
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This is for you if:

  • You’re An Ambitious Crocheter or an Aspiring Designer who wants to start your own Crochet Pattern Designing Business that makes a Big Impact and Brings in Revenue..Even When You’re Not Working


  • You are frustrated and tired of having the best design ideas but unable to get them on paper and size them to share with others


  • You are tired of posting daily in Facebook groups and only make sales when you post in Facebook groups. If you don’t post, you’re sales stop..


  • You crave daily pattern sales and a consistent predictable income Month over Month without trading your time for money.


  • You want to make a Positive Impact on the World by Doing Something you Love.


  • You are done Designing in your head and keeping your Designs a Secret.. YOU WANT THEM OUT IN THE WORLD.

It’s Time To Finally Design, Write and Sell your Patterns, and Create your Dream Business!

It’s worked for me, it’ll work for you too!!